Sturgis Rally

Not the thing to do - Playing with Buffalo at the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

The Sturgis Rally down through Custer State Park. It's a fitting Sturgis Rally Ride.

"These critters are cute at the Sturgis Rally, as long as one isn't standing on your chest..."
The Editor

Buffalo and other wild game cavorts around in Custer State Park during the Sturgis Rally. The buffalo are as independent as some bikers.

Sturgis Rally Custer State Park Buffalo

On the this Enlightenment tour of the Sturgis Rally you continue on up Hwy 87 a few miles and enter Custer State Park. Right by the fee booth is a turnoff to the Wildlife Loop Road. I's a nice little ride where you're almost certain to see buffalo.

If you take the loop, don't underestimate the beasts. For the most part, they just stand around and ignore you. But they can be nasty, and have killed people, smashed up trucks, and generally they do as they please.

Stay away from Mamma at the Sturgis Rally

Certainly you don't want to get between a cow buffalo and its calf. This is one of the most dangerous situations. When they raise their tail in the air, that is the first sign that they are upset. It's not a pleasant way to end the Sturgis Rally.

The second sign that they are upset is when their front feet are at standing on your chest.
At the big buffalo auction in the park each fall, some of the buffalo are sold off. Most of them go to buffalo breeders across the country.

Wildlife Loop Ride in Custer State Park at the Sturgis Rally

The Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park winds through some mixed prairie and ponderosa pine country. It's is good wildlife habitat. You'll see prairie dogs, and possibly a few antelope.
On this loop you'll cross trailheads for both the Centennial Trail and for the French Creek Natural Area. Both are excellent places to hike and get a close-up look at things.

Eventually you'll come to the 16A junction. Take a left and head west. You'll go past the Needles turnoff. It's a great ride, but I'm skipping it here because the Enlightenment Ride can get too long if you take the Needles road. And besides, the Needles is included in the Best Short Sturgis Rally Ride section of

Sturgis Rally Hairy Bodies


Sturgis Rally

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