Sturgis Rally

Through Custer State Park and the Wildlife Loop on the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

At the Sturgis Rally, wildlife viewing is one of the neatest things. There are lots of critters on the Sturgis Rally Ride.

"It's cool to hang out with your Sturgis Rally friends, especially the ones with a lot of hair on their bodies."
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Prairie dog colonies like this are easy to see at the Sturgis Rally. In Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park. Watch the on the Sturgis Rally Ride. They're a vital part of the environment for hawks, owls and other wildlife.

Prairie Dog Village at the Sturgis Rally

At this point on this Sturgis Rally ride you're heading north again on Hwy 89, which you came down on. So, you're backtracking a bit.

You can either go back the way you came, or you can cut over on Hwy 244 through Mt Rushmore to Rapid City, or Hwy 16 to Rapid City.

Fish and Dinosaurs on the Sturgis Rally Ride

In Rapid City itself, you might want to stop off at the Cleghorn Springs Fish Hatchery along Hwy 16 (Rimrock Hwy). It's free. Thousands of rainbow and brown trout swim in the raceways. There is also a free interpretive exhibit inside one of the hatchery buildings.

Visit Dino at the Sturgis Rally

For really bizarre photos, go up to Dinosaur Hill. The big dinosaurs were built by WPA crews during the depression. They're popular with kids, but you can get a few weird photos there, too.

If you go to the Civic Center for one of the concerts, you can also take a look at the Berlin Wall Exhibit outside, some pieces of which have blood from shot escapees.

Sturgis Rally Roses for your Sweetheart

In the lawn outside the Civic Center lie some of the city rose gardens. There are dozens of species of roses, many of which will be blooming in August.

If you want a romantic stroll, try the area around Canyon Lake on the West side of town. A gazebo sits on an island, which you can walk across a bridge to get to.

Or head to the Canyon Lake Dam, where in August there will likely see kids illegally sliding down the spillway into Rapid Creek below. You might want to give it a try yourself.

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Sturgis Rally

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