Sturgis Rally

Caves underlie many of the areas that bikers ride over at the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

Wind Cave is a good Sturgis Rally visit. It's actually huge, and you could spend days wandering about until croaking, and going to that ultimate Sturgis Rally destination.

"The bowels of the earth at the Sturgis Rally, is a pretty cool place..."
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This is what the inside of your stomach looks like after one too many mystery meat burritos and brews at the Sturgis Rally. As you can see, it closely resembles some of the formations in Wind Cave.

Sturgis Rally at Wind Cave

Prairie dogs on the Sturgis Rally Ride
As you continue this ride at the Sturgis Rally you can get in some good wildlife watching in Wind Cave National Park and nearby Custer State Park.

Wind Cave has lots of prairie dogs, buffalo, antelope and raptors flying about. The hawks and eagles often key in on the prairie dogs towns, which are an important part of the ecosystem. There are lots of places you can pull off, park your bike, and look around.

An occasional rattlesnake at the Sturgis Rally

The prairie dog colonies are also good place for rattlesnakes at the Sturgis Rally. They like to use the prairie dog holes.

The deer in the campground by headquarters are tame. Some people feed them.
Wind Cave itself is one of the best caves in the country. Right now it is the third longest cave in North America. On the cave tour, which is reasonably priced, you'll go down on an elevator into the depths and then be guided on a walking tour by a cave guide.

60-degree air conditioning at the Sturgis Rally

If you really want to hit it, ask about the spelunking tour where you'll do a lot of crawling and exploring into places that only a few people can go to.

The air temperature is under 60 degrees in the cave. It's Nature's air conditioning.
Wind Cave also has a good population of elk roaming about. You probably won't see any, since they're wild and wary. August is just a little early for the fall mating season when the bull elk bugle across the mountains to attract cows.

Wimpy elk bugling at the Sturgis Rally

The bugling peak occurs during September. So give a listen late in the evening. You just might hear a bit of bugling in August. The sound of bull elk bugling is always amusing to first-timers.

You would never guess the sound emanates from a big bull elk. It's a whistling sound that eerily penetrates the valleys and draws of these mountains.

Sturgis Rally tip - don't try to Buffalo these Critters


Sturgis Rally

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