Sturgis Rally - Wind Cave

Sturgis Rally bikers see prairie dogs and "the deep" at Wind Cave

Sturgis Rally

This part of the Sturgis Rally swoops down into the southern Hills. Sturgis Rally bikers find the southern Black Hills somewhat like the American Southwest.

"Wind Cave - the 60-degree air conditioner - great for the Sturgis Rally if it isn't snowing in August."
The Editor

The aboveground part of Wind Cave is underrated. Buffalo, antelope, prairie dogs and other critters bound about, for your amusement.

Sturgis Rally Ride into the Southern Black Hills

There are fewer Sturgis Rally bikers as you descend south of Custer. On Hwy 385 as you reach Custer, you'll come to a stop light in town. Go west (right) for a short ways until you get to the Hwy 385 or 89 turnoff which heads south.

This stretch of road goes through a sparsely populated part of the Black Hills. The mountains and trees slide by on this part of the Sturgis Enlightenment Ride, our longest ride at the Sturgis Rally.

Hang on to your Harley keys at the Sturgis Rally

You'll go by the settlement of Sanator, which is now home to the state boot camp for wayward youth. So, if a juvenile wants to borrow your bike...

You'll eventually get to Pringle, which used to be and maybe still is the poaching capital of the Black Hills. A big federal sting operation was done in this area about 20 years ago to round up poachers who had been wandering into nearby Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park and the national forest to poach elk and assorted wildlife, meaning mainly anything they could blast.

Some of the poachers got to spend time in the big house.

Sturgis Rally into Wind Cave

Stay on Hwy 385 and curve around to the east to head towards Wind Cave National Park. There is no charge to get into this park.
You'll see a sign leading you to the park headquarters, and you can make a stop-off there if you like.

There is an interpretive exhibit about the cave and about the aboveground part of the national park. It's free.
Wind Cave is know, of course, for it's cave. But the above ground landscape is quite nice, too. And not many people go hiking across it.

Sturgis Rally Intestinal Ruminations at Wind Cave


Sturgis Rally

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