Sturgis Rally

The Sturgis Rally Ride bikes past Harney Peak in the Black Elk Wilderness

Sturgis Rally

At the Sturgis Rally as well as for everything outdoors, Harney Peak is the landmark of landmarks in the Black Hills. Sturgis Rally bikers can see it on the Sturgis Rally Enlightenment Ride.

"Black Elk Wilderness - named after the Lakota Spiritual Leader - all part of the Sturgis Rally"
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You can see Harney Peak in the distance. Or you can hike through the Black Elk Wilderness to get to it. The Sylvan Lake trailhead in Custer State park is the closest place to start.

Sturgis Rally Rednecks and Tree Huggers

Above - Harney Peak - the highest mountain in the Black Hills.

Continuing on south on the Sturgis Rally ride, you'll come to an intersection known locally as Three Corners. Go west (right) and head towards Hill City. You'll go past a sawmill just before Hill City.
Don't take the by-pass at Hill City. Go ahead and head on onto town. It will be packed with bikes and bikers. And it's a good place to stretch the legs strolling around town.

Locally, Hill City is known as a town with a wide assortment of people - from redneck loggers to tree huggers, and everything in between.

Sturgis Rally Ride Past Harney

As you go south towards Custer you'll see Harney Peak off to the left a few miles. This is the highest mountain in the Black Hills. If you look carefully you'll see a little square thing perched on it. It's the old Harney Peak fire lookout.

Buried in the foundation of the walk are the ashes of Dr. McGillacudy, the first government Indian Agent at Pine Ridge.

Black Elk Wilderness on the Edge of the Sturgis Rally

Harney is surrounded by the Black Elk Wilderness. All of it, like most of the land you pass on this ride, is in the Black Hills National Forest.

Before reaching the town of Custer, you'll go by Crazy Horse Memorial, which you can see off to the east (left). You can go in, or look at it from afar from the road. The head of Crazy Horse is visible, as is the top part of the outstretched arm of the chief.

Crazy Horse, of course, was killed at Fort Robinson just below the border in Nebraska. No photograph was ever taken of him. And his burial place has been kept secret.

Sturgis Rally at Wind Cave - Biker Air Conditioning


Sturgis Rally

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