Sturgis Rally

Almost endless miles of scenic mountain roads.

Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally outings at the beach, on the parkway and over Pactola Dam. All part of the Sturgis Rally Ride.

"The Sturgis Rally Ride - Surrounded by Bikers continuously if you want."
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You can always take a dip at the Beach at the Sturgis Rally. Junior Biker goes at it at Sheridan Lake in the Black Hills. Just remember that even in August at the Sturgis Rally, this water supports trout - meaning it's cold enough to shrivel up anything.

The Sturgis Rally Ride by the Cliffs

On this Sturgis Rally Enlightenment Ride you can glimpse the famous Nemo Cliffs that go along Box Elder Creek. Most of the cliffs are to the south, and we'll be going north from here.

A Sturgis Rally highlight - bald Eagles hang out there sometimes. You can also wet a line here in the stream. Box Elder is fairly good trout water. There are some brown trout, and quite a few brook trout. Most of the fish are wild, rather than stocked. So, they tend to be quite colorful.

Sturgis Rally at the Black Hills Parkway

Going north along Nemo road you'll eventually come to Hwy. 385. This is a main scenic route through the Hills. It basically goes from near the northern edge of the Black Hills, down the middle, and out the southern end.

Take a left and head south. Hwy 385 is also known as the Black Hills Parkway. It's all part of the continual Black Hills tourism spiel you'll hear while visiting. But still, it's a fine ride on 385.

Surrounded by Sturgis Rally Bikers

You'll be heading into the heart of the Black Hills. At the Sturgis Rally you'll be surrounded by other bikers much of the time. Of course, that's part of the fun of it.

After awhile, Roubaix Lake will be on the right. It's less than a mile up a gravel road. Though it's on Black Hills National Forest, there is still the unfortunate problem of an entrance fee there. You used to be able to use your national forest free, until Ronald Reagan.

It seems a little ridiculous when you consider how little is left after paying the hired hands and the corporate profits of the big out-of-state corporation running the concession.

Still, the small beach at Roubaix Lake is a good place for a dip. In early morning, you'll be the only one taking a dip.

Sturgis Rally Ride across Pactola

Further south you'll go over Pactola Dam. This is the biggest lake in the Black Hills. There is trout fishing. Across the lake is another "pay" beach. The water is cold.

Sheridan Lake Beach at the Sturgis Rally

Keep riding south on 385. You'll come to Sheridan Lake. If you take the side road towards the marina you'll come on the biggest beach in the Black Hills, except for the really nice ones on Angostura Reservoir on the south edge of the mountains.

Lots of locals go to the Sheridan Beach on weekends. The water is relatively warm, meaning you can stand to be in it. But this is after-all, still a mountain lake that is cold enough to support a trout population.

Sturgis Rally Ride past Black Elk Wilderness - Sturgis Rally


Sturgis Rally

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