Sturgis Rally

Winding down the most scenic roads at the 2002 Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

Pigtail bridges await Sturgis Rally riders on our long Sturgis ride. It's one of the most popular at the rally.

"Entering the Black Hills from Sturgis - as easy as leaving your driveway at the
Sturgis Rally"

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Bikers at the Sturgis Rally adjust quickly to the curving, twisting roads. They're a delight - one of the main reasons people return to the rally year after year.

Sturgis Rally Enlightenment Ride

At the Sturgis Rally, our Ride of Enlightenment is one of the longer rides you can take. It courses through the main part of the Black Hills where you will see ponderosa pines continuously. At the Sturgis Rally, it's one of the great rides.

There are enchanted rock formations. You might spots a mountain goat, elk, wild turkey, buffalo deer or other critter, either walking about, or laying on the side of the road if it has been unlucky.

Sturgis Rally Road-Kill

Accidentally plastering a buffalo in a semi- is one thing, hitting one on a Harley is another. Wildlife is most active during morning, evening and night. The critters don't generally look before crossing the road.

Begin at Sturgis

The Enlightenment Ride begins in Sturgis. You'll want to get on the Vanocker Canyon Road which has a turnoff near Philtown down by I-90. It's a new paved highway.

Some locals think it's almost as nice as Spearfish Canyon, which is a well known and national Scenic byway. There is a drive to prohibit billboards on it to keep the stretch as pristine as possible. That move will succeed, if the greed-heads don't win out.

From Sturgis to Nemo

Since this stretch is a straight shot from Sturgis, Vanocker Canyon is sure to be one of the busiest sections of road, except of course for I-90.

You'll come out just north of Nemo. There are a couple mountain bars at Nemo that are worth a look - sawdust on the floor, wood stove, cabins and that sort of thing. The Centennial Trail for hikers also goes near here. So, if you want to hike 110 miles, you're by the trail where you can do that at Nemo.

Surrounded by Bikers on the Sturgis Rally Best Long Ride

Sturgis Rally

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