Sturgis Bike Rally Trout

Catching Black Hills trout at the Sturgis Bike Rally

Sturgis Bike Rally

Even a northern will bite occasionally on your Sturgis BikeRally fising trip


"Once you wet a line here at the Black Hills Bike Rally, you'll return..."
The Editor

You'll even catch a few northern pike at Sheridan Lake in the Black Hills.

A look upstream in Rapid Creek. You can fish holes and riffles like this at the Sturgis Bike Rally.

Visit at the Sturgis Bike Rally - then return for more fishing

You can fish Black Hills lakes and do well just as soon as
the water opens up. In fact, if you can fish the edge of the ice, that is frequently good for trout.

One of the nice things about trout is that they feed
actively when the water is almost freezing. The fishing doesn't die down like it does for other species, such as largemouth bass or catfish.

Some Sturgis Bike Rally fishermen will actually return to
the Black Hills during spring, for riding and fishing.
A big criteria for early spring fishing is finding an open
lake to fish. The smaller bodies of water open up first. Good ones include Lakota, Major, Roubaix, Center, Sylvan and Horse Thief.

Trout Stocking during the Sturgis Bike Rally

In fact, all are stocked and have trout in them. Of the big lakes, Pactola, Deerfield and Stockade are all good. Deerfield lies at the highest elevation. Pactola is the biggest in size. All are on good paved roads, and easy to get t at the Sturgis Bike Rally.

Sturgis Bike Rally fishermen may also want to try a few of
the other species available in the Black Hills. Sheridan Lake has declined as a trout fishery in recent years.

Even a few Sturgis Bike Rally northern pike

Northern pike and about every other kind of fish has been
illegally put into the lake. The result has been bad for trout.
The northerns are big enough to easily devour eight-inch hatchery stocked trout. And they do so in large number.

So, most fishermen now go elsewhere for trout fishing.
Black Hills lakes are not huge, and can easily be fished
from shore. The biggest ones such as Pactola can be fished better with a boat. Most people at the Sturgis Bike Rally fish from shore.


Zen at the Sturgis Bike Rally


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Sturgis Bike Rally Trout