Sturgis Bike Rally Trout

Trout need to stay cool, too, at the Sturgis Bike Rally

Sturgis Bike Rally

Prime fishing times at the Sturgis Bike Rally.


"At 6 a.m., nobody is around..."
The Editor

Try early and late fishing during the heat of the Sturgis Bike Rally

A nice stretch of Rapid Creek. Sturgis Bike Rally fishing is easy here.

Fish dusk and twilight during summer at the Sturgis Bike Rally

You don't have to get up at the crack of dawn during spring,
either. Often the best fishing early in the season will occur in the middle of the afternoon when the sunshine stimulates insect activity.

Most of the spin fishing occurs on lakes across the Black
Hills. Here, rainbow trout are the main quarry. Though rainbows are stocked, they begin to take on the characteristics of wild fish after they have been in the water for a year. And there are a good number of hold-over fish in the bigger lakes.

Sturgis Bike Rally Fighting Rainbows

The rainbows fight and jump well, and are quite popular.
They are easy close to with a bike, which of course makes them a good species for the Sturgis Bike Rally. Black Hills lakes are highly accessible at the Sturgis Bike Rally.

You can go after rainbows with spinners or with bait. But
one of the best ways is to use a spinning bubble and fly. The same general patterns that catch brown trout in streams will work on rainbows in lakes.

Colorful is good at the Sturgis Bike Rally

In fact, you can often do well on some of the more colorful
patterns. Colorful flies attract fish, like colorful garb attracts
the attention of people at the Sturgis Bike Rally. The flash or bit of color sometimes seems to attract rainbow trout, and also brookies.

Brook trout also inhabit most lakes. They come from the wild fish that spawn in the streams that feed most Black Hills lakes.


Sturgis Bike Rally trout fishing - you may return

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Sturgis Bike Rally Trout