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Hatchery stocked fish at the Sturgis Bike Rally

Sturgis Bike Rally

Fishing Spring Creek at the Sturgis Bike Rally..


"Wild browns and hatchery rainbows..."
The Editor

Hatchery rainbows are easy to catch from lakes during the Sturgis Bike Rally.

Going after hatchery rainbows in Rapid City. There are even docks on a few of the lakes you can fish at the Sturgis Bike Rally.

A Sturgis Bike Rally stop at Spring Creek

Spring Creek below Sheridan Lake Dam has also been a good spot for fishermen in recent years. This stretch of stream is somewhat variable, and in the past it has been a poor fishery at times, probably due to warm water emperatures and low water flow.

The best advice for Sturgis Bike Rally fishermen is to give
it a try and find out for yourself. Further downstream on Spring Creek, anglers also have varying success. What looks like a great stream during early spring will turn into a barely flowing creek during some summers. And it is those low water flow periods that limit the success of trout in Spring Creek during the rest of the year.

Packing the fly rod at the Sturgis Bike Rally

Fly fishing is the most popular and most successful way to
fish Black Hills streams. Spin fishermen are more in their element in lakes, which will be discussed later. Bring your fly rod to the Sturgis Bike Rally.

Lighter fly lines are best for fishing Black Hills streams. There are very few times when the wind blows hard enough to prevent a 3-weight line from being used.

The smaller line lands more gently on the water. The result
is fewer spooked fish. In fact, using a 3-weight line you can
often get away with a sloppy cast that would scare fish if you were using a 5-weight or larger line.

A Sturgis Bike Rally trout outing features high catch rates

One of the great pleasures of fishing Black Hills streams as
compared to many other great trout waters across the West is the number of fish that can be caught. On Rapid or Spearfish creeks, for instance, you can frequently catch a dozen or more fish per hour under good fishing conditions.


Catching eight-inch fish at Sturgis Bike Rally


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