Iron Horse Biker

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May 5
, 2005


From the Iron Horse Rally, this guy bikes through. There are a few hundred motorcycle rallies in North America each year. They take place during
every single month. The season moves like the migration of waterfowl. During summer, the bikers flock to the northern climes, such as Sturgis.
As the weather cools, the migration takes place and the bikers fly the coop to more southern locales. There they feed and water and prepare
for the northward ride come spring, when the food supply increases in the north, and the breeding grounds are attractive to various types of
wildlife of all kinds. These migrations often involves large flocks, or groups which stay together and ride in an informal formation.

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The Womens Half Chaps can be scary. The Shire. And the ever popular Biker Chicks and biker babes and various
other beautiful women. A pair of Mature Biker Women advance to up the sidewalk. (Copyright 2005 - And American Iron Horse is here.