Buffalo Chip

Buffalo Chip - Our Top Pick for music at the 2003 Sturgis Rally

Buffalo Chip

Buffalo Chip music is a long-standing tradition for the most and biggest bands at the Sturgis Rally.


"The legendary Buffalo Chip stage is one of the largest in the world..."  The Editor


Come dusk at the Sturgis Rally, and the energy level at the Buffalo Chip starts picking up. Later in the night it turns to high gear.

Buffalo Chip

Buffalo Chip Bands - 2004

Buffalo Chip bands - the biggest headliners at the Sturgis Rally are at the Buffalo Chip annually. In fact, lots of people buy a yearly caming pass just to attend the concerts. Most recent Buffalo Chip full band schedule and prices. (on the Chip web site).

Scheduled at the Buffalo Chip for 2004, so far:

Saturday August 7th, 2004
Montgomery Gentry

Sunday August 8th, 2004
Blue Oyster Cult
Styx Concert

Monday August 9th, 2004
Charlie Brechtel Band
ZZ Top

Tuesday August 10th, 2004
Abbey Road
The Classic Rock Allstars
The Beach Boys In Concert

Wednesday August 11th, 2004
REO Speedwagon In Concert
Heart In Concert

Thursday August 12th, 2004
Kid Rock
John Kay & Steppenwolf In Concert
John Fogerty In Concert
Charlie Brechtel Band Performs

Friday August 13th, 2004
Charlie Brechtel Band
Nickleback in Concert

Saturday August 14th, 2004
Geroge Thorogood & The Destroyers In Concert

Buffalo Chip Stage

The stage and the is one of the big draws for both Buffalo Chip fans and performers. It's huge. And it's set out on the northern High Plains prairie where the frigid winds come come barreling down during most of the year. But during the rally in August, it's usually warm, with the tranqulity of the Milky Way beaming down overhead and some of the best bands in the world sending out earthquake-like vibes through the prairie sod.

From in front of the Buffalo Chip stage you can see Bear Butte, sacred to the Lakota and Cheyenne; and the Black Hills off to the west. Concert goers sprawl out everywhere. some are with their bikes. At some times there is mania in front of the stage at the Buffalo Chip. For more on the bands, see the schedule at The Chip.

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