Buffalo Chip Campground

Buffalo Chip Campground - Our Top Pick for Sturgis music at the 2003 Sturgis Rally

Buffalo Chip Campground

Buffalo Chip Campground - the variety is amazing at this big, big Sturgis campground.


"It's legendary in the biker world, and for good reason..."  The Editor


Every evening, Sturgis bikers descend on the Buffalo Chip Campground where just about everything imaginable goes on at one time or another.

Buffalo Chip Campground

Buffalo Chip Campground

As the early evening music lolled over the grounds at Buffalo Chip Campground, the entrepreneurs from Hell's Angels were busy filling balloons with the gas that make people talk strangely. People carried the balloons to their viewing spots as the bands began to warm.

Off somewhere in the far back of the campground, some sort of carnal activity was going on.

And in front of one huge recreational vehicle, a normal retired couple in Sears clothes watered the grass growing beside the pink flamingos they had stuck in the Buffalo Chip Campground turf.

Buffalo Chip Campground Norm

The Buffalo Chip Campground is the main hangout for people Sturgis. As such, everything imaginable is there. And some things that not even I can imagine.

The Buffalo Chip Campground is absolutely swarming with bikes. You'll see more than you have ever seen in your life. The entire biker culture is based around that.

When you get to the Buffalo Chip Campground, there you will be at the biggest biker party on earth. And really, that's the main reason to go to Sturgis. Sure, you can head out and get away from the hectic madhouse, and everyone does. But there are times when nothing compares to this big party. And it's only available at Sturgis. The Buffalo Chip Campground is a prime place for it.

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This is an incredible Sturgis display...

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