Sturgis Rally

Our recommendation for the best long ride at the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

This Sturgis Rally long ride swoops down roads designed to be beautiful. It will be a highlight of the Sturgis Rally.

"This Sturgis Rally Ride is one of the Best in North America."
The Editor

Our Sturgis Rally long ride recommendation begins at Sturgis and courses down the spine of the Black Hills. Everyone at the Sturgis Rally loves it.

Sturgis Rally Enlightenment Ride

The Sturgis Rally hundreds of Sturgis Rally Best Longest Ride Before we get to the Sturgis Rally Enlightenment Tour, consider this:

At the Sturgis Rally you'll be riding down a Black Hills road twisting and turning through the ponderosa pine covered mountains and you'll think, 'man, this is cool.' There is no way that you cannot possibly think this if you like riding a bike and are still alive on Planet Earth.

This is a great place to ride.

Sturgis Rally in the Black Hills

The Sturgis Rally runs its course in the Black Hills - the easternmost portion of the Rocky Mountains. They're really mountains, not hills. But they are called Black Hills because the Lakota translation of Paha Sapa means "Black Hills."

They looked black from the Indian camps scattered over the Plains. The Black Hills are still relatively uninhabited compared to many parts of North America. The roads are ideal for bikes, and the Sturgis Rally.

Cream-of-the-Crop Rides at the Sturgis Rally

Rather than the long straight grades that characterize some other parts of the Rockies, Black Hills roads frequented by Sturgis Rally bikers curve and twist through the mountains.

There are lots of ups and down. There are continuous curves.

All along the way the scenery is great. So, you can't really go wrong no matter where you explore. However, I'm going to suggest the cream-of-the-crop rides. And give an insider's knowledge of the neat stuff you'll see.

Sturgis Rally Snow

There is one thing you might not expect - cold mountain weather. Coming off the Plains or from another part of the country where it's 90 degrees, it's difficult to imagine what northern Rocky Mountain weather can be like in August. It may be scorching hot. But it also may be cold enough for a down jacket.

Chances are, Sturgis Rally temperatures will be summer-like. But you'll want to be prepared in the event it is not. It has snowed in August. Not often, but it isn't impossible to have snow at high altitude. Cold rain is more likely. So, be forewarned if you only have a t-shirt.

With that, it's on to the Sturgis Rally Black Hills Enlightenment Ride...

This Sturgis Rally Ride Begins
at the edge of Sturgis


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