Sturgis Rally

The Sturgis Rally and famous riders of all types - and example of why not to fight.

Sturgis Rally

All kinds of interesting characters have preceded the Sturgis Rally. Here is a bit of Sturgis Rally prehistory.

"Custer wore white leather and look what happened to him. At the Sturgis Rally, it's back to black..."
The Editor

If your idea of a fun Sturgis Rally is getting tromped into the ground, this is the most scenic place for that to transpire. In the center of the photo is George Custer, who visited the Black Hills a couple years before the Sturgis Rally began. Later, George tried to make the acquaintance of some Lakota and Cheyenne in a manner which is not entirely recommended by

Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally Fights:
I suppose the main ingredient for getting into a fight at the Sturgis Rally is to look for one. She most scenic place to do it is definitely Scenic. Somehow, you just feeling like getting the crap kicked out of you there.

There isn't much phony about the town of Scenic, located on the edge of the Badlands. It's had way more than its share of knifings and shootings, just not during the Sturgis Rally, yet.

Sturgis Rally Spot during Daytime

The sawdust floor bar is fine, especially during daytime. And under the Badlands sun, a cold brew is very tasty.

Scenic is far from the law. But fairly near the fights of family youth that spill over from the reservation. Alcohol feeds the atmosphere on those hot summer nights when violence flickers through the air.

I suppose some people around Scenic will be hacked off about this expose. But we do have, after-all, a free press.

No place to Disappear During the Sturgis Rally

There are a lot of places one could disappear out in this country - during, after or before the Sturgis Rally. You'll find out what I mean when you get here.
Or, you might want to disappear for awhile of your own free will. Some people do, you know.

Sheep Mountain Table down the road from Scenic is a favorite place to take in the full moon on summer nights. The table is tucked back off the highway on the edge of the Badlands.

What if the Sturgis Rally Lasts a Month

Locals call the soil "gumbo." If it rains you there is no hope of getting out even with a four-wheel drive. Then, the Sturgis Rally will be the least of your concerns.

One of its chief allures is that when the sun goes down and the stars take over the sky, you feel a long ways from anything. And you are.

It's a little side-trip on the Sturgis Rally. And no, I don't recommend fighting.

An exit from the Sturgis Rally into a different time


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Sturgis Rally

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