Sturgis Rally

Aces and Eights - Sturgis Rally Lore and the Cemetery

Sturgis Rally

At the Sturgis Rally, bikes have taken the place of horses at Deadwood. And everywhere else for that matter, at the Sturgis Rally.

"Predecessor to the Sturgis Rally - crazy characters that were real life..."
The Editor

Calamity Jane at Wild Bill Hickock's grave at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood. You can visit the same spot. Only, now Calamity's permanently parked there, too.

Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane before the Sturgis Rally

At the Sturgis Rally as at other great events, there is philosophy.

And in the cemetery at the Mt Moriah Cemetery located on the most scenic spot in Deadwood, there is a lesson. I'm not sure what that lesson is, but here is the story.

Into Wild Bill's Pants at the Sturgis Rally

A bit of Sturgis Rally prehistory:
Back in the 1800s Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock lived in Deadwood. And Calamity was interested in Bill. Perhaps she wanted into his pants, I don't know. Well yes I do know, she did.

But Wild Bill wouldn't have anything to do with it. Maybe he wasn't keen on mating with a woman who tried desperately hard to look like a man. Anyway, Wild Bill got shot playing poker, as everyone knows.

Old Romance at the Sturgis Rally

After Wild Bill gave up the game, Calamity spent a number of years playing up her story of a romance between the two Deadwood celebrities. They're even buried together at Mt Moriah, which may not have helped the romance, but at least it did help the tourism business in Deadwood.

Now, people think Calamity and Wild Bill had a romance, which they in fact did not.

Lessons from the Sturgis Rally

Maybe the only lesson from this is what Winston Churchill noted when someone asked him how history would treat him and the Second World War. He replied that he already knew the answer to that, because he was going to be the one who wrote that history, which he did. Two big volumes, I think.

Now for some bizarre Sturgis Rally. It's probably illegal, but quaffing brews while sitting by the graves in Mt Moriah atop Deadwood on a night can be, well, enlightening.

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Sturgis Rally

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