Sturgis Rally

Deadwood is only a short bike up the road at the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

At the Sturgis Rally, Deadwood is a popular spot. Make a run there during the Sturgis Rally.


"This place has a history of characters, during, before and after the Sturgis Rally..."
The Editor

Getting a brew is not problem at Deadwood during the Sturgis Rally. Like a lot of places, it's jammed with bikers. Here are our rampant if perhaps from-the-hip opinions...

Sturgis Rally Deadwood Gazing

Best Spot in Deadwood during the Sturgis Rally
The Best? Well, the spot you'll have a hard time getting in at the Sturgis Rally - the upper balcony at the Franklin Hotel.

The reason is because it's cool. Cool temperature-wise, and otherwise.
You'll be reclining in the comfortable chair with an elbow on the white balcony railing surrounding this 1800s portico. A cold brew in on hand. Perhaps one of Bill Clinton's cigars in the other.

Sturgis Rally In' Spot

And from on this perch you can survey the domain. Deadwood at the height of the Sturgis Rally. Where the mellow aroma of black leather wafts up off the streets below.

You could gaze down at the mob, but of course you won't. Because one of the main reasons for being on the top of the heap is so people down below can gaze at you. To be seen, is what this is about.

Underlings at the Sturgis Rally

Now, if you can't make it to the balcony, my suggestion is to walk down and join the underlife in the basement of the hotel. Down there is more Sturgis-like, anyway. And down there you can get the one thing that sustains life - Guiness Stout on tap at Dirty Nelly's.

It's black as old oil out of the crank case. And tastes, well, not a great deal different than that. But in a pinch, it has enough body to it to take the place of a meal. Perhaps you'll want to drink a few meals at the bar. It is the Sturgis Rally, after-all. They have live music here, too.

A little Sturgis Rally morbidity in Deadwood



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