Sturgis Rally

The most interesting route coming or going to the Sturgis Rally is through
the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Sturgis Rally

When arriving at or leaving the Sturgis Rally, the most interesting roads run through the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It's another aspect of the Sturgis Rally.

"Go back in time at the Sturgis Rally...and perhaps to another way of life at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation..."
The Editor

The photo below was taken in 1891 at a large camp of Lakota on the Brule River near Pine Ridge in South Dakota. You'll be biking through history at the Sturgis Rally.

Sturgis Rally

Best Sturgis Rally Escape Route:
When the Sturgis Rally is over, at least over for you despite the fact that other fanatics are lying about the Harley strewn ground soaking up those last moments, you might leave in just too big of a hurry.

Maybe you'll even end the Sturgis Rally by having Mr. Jeeves wheel the Harley onto the Lear jet. I don't know.
But if you want to have a more interesting exit, consider your escape route.

Exit the Sturgis Rally through Pine Ridge

The one we're recommending is through the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota. It's the home of many Lakota. It's also one of the larger Indian reservations in the country, and a land of some fine scenery as well as a Lakota culture which some people find very interesting.

"The rez," as locals call the reservation, is also economically depressed. So, maybe a little Sturgis Rally business wouldn't hurt.

The Sturgis Rally Route

Our Sturgis Rally route of choice starts in Rapid City. You'll head down Hwy. 44. It's almost a straight shot into the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. You'll also be in the close vicinity of Badlands National Park, perhaps the hottest spot between here and Hell during August. But still, a good place to visit.

As you bike down rural Hwy 44 you'll be on an untouristed route through western South Dakota. The old highway goes along Rapid Creek and skirts part of the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.

Sturgis Rally last look at Friendly Prairie Dogs

You may see a few antelope or prairie dogs. The national grasslands are center of a fight about just how these publicly owned lands are to be managed - mainly for the few cattle grazers around them, or for wildlife, habitat and the entire public.
On to more of the escape from the Sturgis Rally...

Sturgis Rally Culture - and a different way of life


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Sturgis Rally

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