Biker Backstabbing Report

Late-Breaking News and Backstabbing Report

"It's just this kind of crap that will get you FIRED," he said.

In the perennial pursuit of as much money as
it is possible to get out of the bikers who
attend the big event in August. Nothing wrong
with a little free enterprise. But make no mistake,
from the moment you arrive you are considered
a cash carrying beast to be sheared, fleeced and
sent on your way...
Sturgis Rally House Available for 2005


sturgis-rally-2003 The Most Outstanding Portfolio of Sturgis Biker Pics Ever Shot
Editor's Top Pick - this is an incredible display

 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Shipping

Sturgis and 2004 - and our Top Five Sturgis News Thoughts
Sturgis main site with photos and anarchy galore

Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally News and undercover reports.

Sturgis 2002
The Retrospective.

Sturgis 2003
Why Sturgis 2003 will be gigantic.

sturgis rally Full Sturgis 2003 Schedule, the Future Sturgis Dates with the infernal countdown...

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Biker Divorce Capitol

The surrounding area has the highest divorce rate in the entire state. A nice conversation piece...

Sturgis and the Pursuit of Money, and More Money - Jan 31
Behind the scenes fighting. Or, how they want to get their hands on more of your money.

Harley Davidson Stock - Oct. 22
The Rich and not so famous who looked at the Sturgis Rally and invested in Harley Davidson

Rally Grub - Sept 28

Our informal survey and philosophizing on Sturgis food

A Gentler Buffalo Chip
Blasphemy for some - a Kinder and Gentler Buffalo Chip Campground

Vegetarian Hell is Right Here -
Hulett, Wy - a bit of Vegetarian Hell at the Sturgis Rally

Our Favorite Fall Ride, after the thundering swarms fade away
Fall is our favorite time of year in the Black Hills - Great Rides

Sturgis Rally BackStabber - Aug. 31
Glenco turns a bit Raunchy at the Sturgis Rally

Black Hills Forest Fire
Fire rages across Black Hills -
Mt Rushmore Road closed

Here's a Bud for You
In the Battle of the Beer - Budweiser Blinked

Sturgis Rally BackStabber - Aug.10
Sturgis too Tame? Complaints of Not Enough Skin

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Visits Sturgis

No shower after a week

Buffalo Chip Hardcores

Be very, very careful
The Buffalo Bust, and Four Dead so Far.

Backstabber Report #121
The Gang Neutral Friendship League and Benevolent Association

Aug. 5 is missing, we had a few too many cold ones.

Holy Bikes...
It's a Big One !

The Stupidest Idea to date...
The fools aren't going to move the Rally?

Like floating over Niagra Falls
Bikers Pour In

Daily Updates, Late Breaking News and our absurd opinions during the Sturgis Rally

STURGIS - (Copyright 2002 Sturgis Rally Top 10) Our little update for those of you poor saps who didn't make it to the Sturgis Rally.

Well, as witty and clever as you may think this incredibly cool writing is, I can tell you it in no way compares to the chaos and bizarreness that is beginning to take place at the Sturgis Rally.

So, sit there, read this, maybe have a cold one. And then go out and beat your impregnable head against the bike barn for awhile, perhaps until drawing blood. Because you really blew it by not showing up. Now you can only ponder the memories that you won't have.

It's here that you can look and see what you missed, and feel really, really bad...

Sturgis Rally Housing Situation Tightens

The housing situation will undoubtedly be tight. The crowds are huge, and next year's rally may set an all-time record.

We'll have more on this in the next few weeks and months. With new information on houses available, camping, and where to go for free. More coming, I promise.

Ancient Sturgis History

The Sturgis 2002 events schedule is are at: Sturgis Rally 2002

Sturgis 2002
The Sturgis 2002 Retrospective


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Best Short Ride at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Best Long Ride at the Sturgis Rally

Most scenic place to get your guts kicked at the Sturgis Rally

Fascinating Exit - and a different World than the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

Custom Kruzin

Other Sturgis Rally Stuff - camping, weather, moving here, and the bizarre unending...

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