Sturgis Ralley

An interesting and offbeat visit in the southern Black Hills at the Sturgis Ralley

Sturgis Ralley

This Sturgis Ralley pick is an unusual place. You wouldn't think a dead mammoth site would be interesting, but it is for Sturgis Ralley.

"An unfortunate extinction - because just think of the rump roast that might have been had at Sturgis Ralley... "
The Editor

Let's face it, Sturgis Ralley is full of big hairy creatures. No where more so than at the Mammoth Site at Hot Springs. It's our pick as the unthought of visit for Sturgis Ralley.

Sturgis Ralley

Sturgis Ralley Strangest Hole:
Let's face it, at the Sturgis Ralley there are any number of tourist traps in the Black Hills. Places where the main point of operation is to fool you for long enough to extract money from the black leather wallet sticking out the back pocket of your Levi's.

That's why I'm going to recommend one that's not - the Mammoth Site at Hot Springs. I roamed the Black Hills for years before accidentally being dragged into it by someone else. Otherwise I probably never would have gone in. I mean, who really wants to see these massive, hairy dead things.

Mammoth Sturgis Ralley

But it's good. That's why we like it for Sturgis Ralley.

These mammoths were wondering about minding their own business a few eons ago. They came on this big, deep hole. They are proof that is it a lot easier getting into big trouble than it is extracting oneself.

The mammoth beasts went down into the hole and then couldn't get out.
After the bellowing ceased, they croaked. Then they were eventually covered with muck. Today the hole is full of dead mammoths which not only make a Sturgis Ralley tourist attraction, but a rather interesting scientific discovery.

A big set of ribs at the Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley

Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley - You'll see the bones and replicas of the real live mammoths. Hitting a deer on the Harley is one thing. Hitting one of these critters would be a different matter entirely. Anyway, it's worth a visit. And the staff is very knowledgeable.

It's bizarre, of course. But then, that's what the Sturgis Ralley is all about.

As a side note, almost every single one of the dead mammoths are young males. No females got themselves in this terminal pit of a hole, unable to get out.

The Sturgis Ralley philosophizing is left to you...

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