Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The Best short ride at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Best short ride - through The Needles and Pigtail Bridges. A Sturgis Motorcycle Rally favorite.

"The Pigtail Bridges at the Sturgis Rally - any Hog Lover's Dream... "
The Editor

During winter, parts of this Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ride is closed off unless you have snowshoes. But in August, the Pigtail Bridges and the Needles are brilliant. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally bikers love it.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Best Short Ride

The best short ride at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally begins in Rapid City and proceeds for awhile along the main tourist route. Never fear, we'll get you off the tourista drag soon enough.

Head down the four-lane past the bombardment of billboards and toward Mt Rushmore. It never fails to amuse - the ability of people to screw something up for greed - in this case plastering billboards along what should be a showcase stretch into the Black Hills.

On to Keystone SD

After about 16 miles, on this part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally you'll take the Keystone turnoff which heads toward Mt Rushmore.

Keystone is considered the biggest tourist trip in the Black Hills. That's all right, if you accept it for what it is, and have a burning desire for one more Mt Rushmore plate to stick in a cabinet somewhere.

Climb to Mt Rushmore

After going through Keystone you'll start a big climb up the mountain. But on this Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Ride, you're not gong there.

Before arriving at Mt Rushmore you'll take a left on the Iron Mountain Road.
This part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Ride is one of the best rides in the Black Hills.

Pigtail bridges on the Sturgis Motorcycle Ride

Iron Mountain Road was specifically designed to be scenic. It twists and curves through the mountains and over wooden pigtail bridges which spiral up through the rock formations and forest lairs.

Many find this the neatest part of this Sturgis Motorcycle Ride. The curves must have frustrated every engineer with an instinct to straighten out and turn every scenic road they get their hands on. This one was saved from boredom.

A Masterpiece saved from Boredom

Peter Norbeck, a U.S. senator who instigated this road, as well as Badlands National Park, ended up with a masterpiece. You'll like it. You'll like it a lot.

It's one of our best recommendations at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

There are a couple of overlooks and picnic grounds along the way. So, take your time. Eventually you'll go through some tunnels bored through part of the mountain. You may see some broken glass and metal along the side of the road where the tunnels sheared off part of Uncle Ralph's RV that didn't quite make it through the tunnels unscathed.
RV repair shops reportedly do quite well, just from the tunnel business.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Ride to Grace Coolidge Creek

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