Sturgis 2002

One of the biggest rallies in history at Sturgis 2002

Sturgis 2002

This Sturgis 2002 rally was huge. It proved much bigger than anyone expected.

"Full of oddballs and really screwy stuff. Just the ticket at Sturgis 2002... "
The Editor

The highways were clogged. The towns were packed. The beer almost ran out. It was Sturgis 2002

Sturgis 2002 biker

Sturgis 2002

Sturgis 2002 From the heat to the floods, Sturgis 2002 was a blast. And mainly because the crowds were huge. Much bigger than was anticipated by the so-called experts.

Some think it was because of the pent-up demand from Sept. 11. People were ready to do something, after being subdued and stay-at-home-bodies for a year. And Sturgis 2002 provided the outlet.

Mountain rides - Sturgis 2002

So, the Black Hills was packed during Sturgis 2002. The riding was good most of the time. There were the occasional thunderstorms - real gully washers that soaked anyone caught out in the deluge. But there was none of the week-long drips that are the real pain.

Several nights had the most fantastic lights shows in existence - hundreds of lightning bolts that lit up the sky across the mountains and western South Dakota high plains.

Just a warm-up at Sturgis 2002

Well, it may be a little mind boggling, but most of the people who have done this for years and years are predicting an even bigger rally next year. That's the big Harley anniversary, and It should be bigger than Sturgis 2002.

The more the better, actually, because it makes it more fun. The crowds of hundreds of thousands of bikers is like nothing else in bikingdom.

Sturgis 2002 is dead, long live Sturgis 2003.

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