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Aug. 6 - 12, 2012

Inside Info...The official dates of the rally are Aug. 6-12 for 2012. But, it actually lasts longer. Quite a few people arrive early, the week before. By Wednesday of the week before there are already a fair number of riders beating th main crowds. The weekend before the official start, lots of bikers are in Sturgis. The peak is Tuesday and Wednesday of the rally.

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Best Sturgis site on the web - very strange people here, indeed. All the news that is fit to print, and also a fair amount that makes excellent bird cage flooring.



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Very cool Sturgis Pictures and Video

Pictures and video from some of last year's bizarre chaos. These are updated before the rally commenses. Top-flight photojournalism here. Highly recommended.


All the Sturgis Web Cams in Existence

All the Sturgis Cams in one place, for your convenience. We aim to please. Most still work even when the rally isn't going on. In winter it will be boring with snow. In spring it will be boring with snow. And in fall it will be, well, boring. But the first part of August these cams swarm with bikers, and people all over the world look at them to see what is like right now, at Sturgis.

Sturgis Cams - absolutely everything.



buffalo chip crowdSchedules - Concerts - Bands schedule - the official one. - has the most extensive schedule.
Buffalo Chip schedule - this is last year's but we'll update when available.
Full Throttle schedule - coming, when they get it ready
Broken Spoke Live Music Schedule -

Sturgis has some of the top bands in the world. At no other time does this caliber of talent come to little inconsequential South Dakota. These will be continuously updated at the rally gets closer. Out coverage features some of the top draws in 2012, as our staff of strange ones has draw on knowlege from past rallies. Much of the music centers on the old die-hard crowd of bikers. Lots of rock 'n roll from the old school.


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Mount Rushmore - Devil Tower - Badlands - Wind Cave - Jewell Cave - Custer State Park - Bear Butte - Crazy Horse

There are lots of very good national parks and public lands in and near the Black Hills. They make great places to ride to, and venture through. This part of North America is where the Western environment and ecoystems begin, along with some of the somewhat looney political ideas of the Sagebrush Rebellion types. All guaranteed to provide an amusing sojurn, wherever it might lead. A lot of people live here and accept low wages just for this kind of stuff..

Mount Rushmore National Memorial - this is the big gravy train in the Black Hills. Hefty parking fee.
Devils Tower National Monument - better than Mount Rushmoer. Highly recommended.
Badlands National Park - hot in summer, and unusual. Like being on the moon. Entrance fee.
Wind Cave National Park - less visited, with nice buffalo and wild lands. A good ride. Free to ride, pay to enter the cave.Nice prairie dog viewing along the road.
Jewell Cave National Monument - smaller cousin of Wind Cave.
Custer State Park - a good ride, but with an entrance fee. This is the second biggest state park in the U.S.
Bear Butte State Park. - interesting and spiritual place of the Lakota and Cheyenne. Visible from Sturgis.
Crazy Horse Memorial- a privately owned enterprise. Entrance fee.
Black Hills National Forest - free and scatterd over 1 million acres of these mountains.

Hotels and Motels

This will go up here shortly.

sturgis campground Sturgis Campgrounds

We'll be doing some reviews here. Best to know what you are getting into since there are a fair amount of con-artists and fast talkers at Sturgis. It is the free enterprise system unleashed when some of the dogs should be put back in the kennel. All-and-all these campgrounds tend to be crowded during the rally. Some are great. Others are hot and noisy, which of course is what some people want. There tends to be something for most tastes, including the sordid ones. Some for the quiet crocheting grandmothers, too. Many people go back to the same place each year after they have found what they want. So, explore away.

Bear Butte Creek Campground - East on Hwy. 34, Sturgis - 605-347-3023 - Email
Big Rig RV Park - 2551 Dolan Creek Rd., Sturgis - 605-347-1510 - Email
Buffalo Chip Campground - 20622 131st Ave., Sturgis - 605-347-9000
Broken Spoke Campgruond - on 79 North, Sturgis - 877-653-6679
Covered Wagon Resort - 14189 Sturgis Rd., Piedmont - 800-787-4450 or 605-787-4440
Day's End Campground - 2501 Avalanche Rd., Sturgis - 605-347-2331 or 605-490-1702 - Email
Elkview Campground - I-90 Exit 37 - 877-478-5162 - Email
Free Spirit Campground - 13047 Coyote Place, Whitewood - 877-242-1664 - Email
Glencoe Camp - Sturgis - (605) 347-8888
Hog Heaven - 800-551-1283 - Email
Iron Horse Campground - WY 79 between the Dragstrip & Bear Butte - 877-700-4766
Lamphere Ranch - 605-347-5858 - Email
Ride 'N Rest Campground - 20494 State Hwy. 79, Sturgis - 307-680-2330
Rush No More Campground - 21137 Brimstone Place Sturgis - 605-347-2916
Shade Valley Camp Resort - East on Hwy. 34, Sturgis - 605-347-5556 - Email
The Spur Campground - 305 Elk Creek Rd., Piedmont - 877-411-SPUR
Sturgis Road Campground - 14200 N. Hwy. 79, Piedmont - 605-641-0090
Sturgis RV Park - 1175 West Woodland Dr., Sturgis - 888-878-9971 or 605-720-1501 - Email
Sturgis View Campground - 715-425-9057 - Email
Suzie's Camp - 20983 Pleasant Valley Dr., Sturgis - 605-347-2677
Tilford Gulch Campground - Piedmont - 800-484-9495 - Email
Vanocker Campground - 1217 Pine View Dr., Sturgis - 281-229-5877 or 765-342-1582 - Email
Wyatt's Hideaway - Belle Fourche - 605-892-0600

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Taking the Plunge - Weddings

Sturgis Weddings for those who dare. These folks are highly recommended.





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