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It's Happening...Covid Explodes

Dreaded coronovirus infections now surging at Sturgis

Coronovirus image

Warnings and predictions coming true. Virus infections exploded in Meade County, home of the Sturgis Rally two weeks ago.

Huge 1550% increase in covid infections in Meade County, home of Sturgis.


South Dakota Disaster Headlines

Here are the headlines NOT being promoted by the "freedom-loving" governor and South Dakota Tourism

South Dakota Leads U.S. in Largest COVID Case Increase, With 312 Percent Rise in 14 Days...Newsweek

South Dakota cases quintuple after Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...NBC News

Sturgis Rally is what a vacccine-era coronovirus superspreader event looks like...DailyBeast

Warnings About the Sturgis Rally Have Come Tragically True...Yahoo Voices!

Meade County experiencing 36% weekly test-positivity rate eight days after the Sturgis Rally ended...KELOLAND News

Covid 19 in South Dakota: 455 total new cases; Death toll rises to 2059; Active cases 3416...KELOLAND News

ICU beds full at two Western South Dakota hospitals...KELOLAND

The South Dakota county where the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was held has seen a 1,550% increase in Covid cases over the past two weeks, officials say...NBC News

Warnings About the Sturgis Rally Have Come Tragically True: "In S Dakota’s Meade County, more than 1 in 3 COVID-19 tests are currently returning positive, & over the last three weeks, 7-day average case counts have increased by 3,400 percent."...Carla Marinucci

Dr. Maimuna Majumder "Over the last 21 days, #COVID19 cases have increased by 3400% in Meade County, home to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally."

South Dakota Covid cases quintuple after Sturgis motorcycle rally...NBC News

Our narratives often roar past the facts, but the Sturgis facts, again, are bad...Spokesman-Review

South Dakota COVID cases explode after Sturgis motorcycle rally...Salon

Covid cases spike in SD after Sturgis bike rally...MSNnow

Rise in COVID cases "alarming", says Monument Health physician...KNBN

Coronavirus: South Dakota COVID-19 cases surge in wake of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...KIRO Seattle

Sturgis was a major 'superspeader' event — just as warnings predicted...AlterNet

South Dakota colleges will reinstate COVID-19 dashboards showing cases among students, staff...Argus Leader

South Dakota sees 352% Covid surge in wake of biker event dubbed a ‘super spreader’ last year...Independent

Covid Cases Spike After Sturgis Motorcycle Rally—Again...Forbes

Cases in South Dakota rise nearly sixfold after annual Sturgis motorcycle rally...AOL

Covid 7-day percentpositivity rate

7-day covid positivity rate map






2021 Second Biggest in Decade

Sturgis crowd size was a bit overhyped, as we predicted...


2021 was big, but not the biggest. Just below the hugely gigantic 75th Sturgis Rally.

And quite a bit less than the 700,000-plus the over-zealous were talking about at the beginning of the rally this year.


The Sights

People watching at the Big One...

Biker Babes

2021 photos at BikerDeep

And...International visitors dropped dramatically...

Doug Ainslie, Sturgis City Manager Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie

81st Sturgis Rally up. Only the 75th drew more visitors in the last decade. Campgrounds packed along I-90 and elsewhere.

An American crowd with international visitors dropping from the usual 10-15 percent of the massive herd, down to only 1-2 percent. Cause - the pandemic, of course.

Barren Streets

What it looks like when a city goes from 706,000 popiulation down to 7,000

Sturgis the week after the rally...

Main St

Main St 2



And Deadwood, below:




With live web cams at SturgusCams

Numbers Up

But then, last year was light

Numbers on about everything were up in 2021.

Except traffic accident deaths. They were down.

Stern Dude

It's the attitude, man...


2021 photos at BikerDeep

Breaking News

81st Rally Final Deaths/Injuries

Lower than in Previous Years

A 66-year-old man died after his motorcycle struck a sidewalk curb on Lazelle Street in Sturgis and he lost control. This is the last death/injury associated with the rally.

Final tally:


Tea, and perhaps otherwise...

Twisted Tea biker at Sturgis

New photos daily at:

And then this breaking story below:

This will not end well...

Even his girlfriend is afraid of him

Sturgiszone news  update logo

Minnesota man attends Sturgis Rally and has criminal charges pending in a string of three South Dakota Counties.

Charged in Lyman County with driving under the influence, driving with a cancelled license and no motorcycle endorsement; in Brule County with simple assault against a law enforcement officer, obstructing an officer and threats against law enforcement officer or family and in Meade County with domestic assault.

There's more...kicking police, fighting police, threatening to slit the throat of and kill the police sergeant, and then there's the scared girlfriend...

The whole story in the Mitchel Republic,

Outward Migration Begins

It's Friday and the Great Exodus of the bikes starts at a trickle

More photos daily at

Biker Guy


Terrible Air Quality Reprieve

Black Hills area getting short temporary won't last...


The air quality index reading Friday at Black Hawk between Rapid City and Sturgis.

Worst Air quality probably ever in the Black Hills this summer.

Black Elk Peak

Below, a photo of Black Elk Peak in the Black Elk Wilderness during cleaner air times. Taken in May...the white is snow.

Black Elk Peak

Fire Near Sturgis Contained

Excellent weather conditions made for quick work

A forest fire that could been much larger has quickly been contained by slurry bombers, ground crews and bulldozer south of Sturgis.



$15,000 Expenses When She Leaves for Sturgis

Sturgis vendor reveals rally startup cost

Hustling at Sturgis where


Forest Fire Breaks Out Near Sturgis

Fire now appears to be laying low due to weather conditions

Kirk Fire

About 80 acres burned so far in the Kirk Fire. Higher humidity and lower temperatures have greatly helped containing the blaze. Helicopters, dozers, fire engines and hand crews worked through last night. The fire was first reported Wednesday afternoon.

Kirk Fire map

Kirk Fire OpenStreetMap

Notes from Hulett

The Hulett WY mid-rally conclave was once again...delightful...

Good ride into the red rock country of this part of Wyoming. Hulett is one of the most Western towns in Wyoming, which is saying something when you are talking about Wyoming.

Good crowd once again. But not as many as I expected considering the big numbers at Sturgis. Pig meat lunch free or with donation, laid back atmosphere, very scenic ride. Due for a bigger bounce-back after the "difficulties" of world health have passed.

Hulett bikers


This could have ended badly

This guy had the horse patrol at the Hulett Ham 'n Jam this year. Riding amongst the crowds and bikes. The horse is really well broke and of the best temperament. I was standing under one of those plastic shade awnings about 10-feet by 10-feet with metal poles and frame. With a deputy. A gust of wind like one gets in Wyoming came up and picked the entire awning up and flung it through the air hurling it right at the front feet of this horse. Horse made a little backstep, but noting else. And there aren't many that would have done ONLY that. Surrounded by lots of humans who are no match for 1000 pounds of scared horseflesh.

Wyoming Law Person and Trusty Horse

Wyoming Law Person


Free Ice Water

Kind of the opporsite of some sectons of Sturgis, where I think a few would sell the air you breath if they could get away with it

Christian Motorcyclists Association free ice water at Hulett

Christian Motorcyclists Association

Shout-out for a Good Deed well done

Pretty nice because you can get dehydrated in low humidity Wyoming summer.

Christian biker


Covid Cases Nearly Double in South Dakota

It took only one week

Only about 60 percent of eligible adults vaccinated in state. No stats or figures yet available for Meade County and Sturgis. As a side-note, one of the

National statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

US at glance

Covid Data Tracker

Covid Cases Total

Covid Deaths Total


Hulett Ham 'n Jam Coming Wednesday

One of the more laid-back days at Sturgis, in Hulett, WY

And a photo slide shows of past "Hulett's"

Wyoming biker slide show

One of the famous events at the Sturgis Rally aka Wyoming.

Pig Meat Lunch is usually available at no cost, if you are willing to stand in line.. Unsure whether the free lunch will be available this year.

Near Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Impressive beyond what photos depict. This was the nation's first national monument.

Sturgis Main

Sturgis 2021

from daily Sturgis photos at

207 Open Container Violations, so far

"Sturgis Death Cult?"

So says

Kristi Noem, Governor, South Dakota, USA (49007405033) (1)

"Fauci Fatigue" and the right-wing (a)version

Dr. Fauci


Here is the "Meet the Press" interview last Sunday

Fauci talks Sturgis


CBS covers Sturgis



Fire Breaks Out in Black Elk Wilderness

Iron Fire in the Black Hills

US Forest Service photo

Helicopters are dipping big buckets of water out of Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills to drop on the Iron Wildfire in the Black Elk Wilderness in the Black Hills. Forty firefighters are on the ground there. The fire crew started on Monday.

No information yet on fire size, but the US Forest Service reported that it is 25 percent contained. It's minuscule compared to the record-setting fires in the Pacific Northwest.

Black Elk Wilderness is about 1 mile elevation near Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Iron Mountain Fire - U.S. Forest Service report

Black Elk Wilderness Fire

Black Hills National Forest

The Horde



Fewer Arrests and Criminals, or What is going on?


Big increase in open container violations - 207 tickets issued for that. It's legal to take beer and wine onto the street this year. But it must be in an "official" Sturgis Rally plastic cup. I suppose that decreases litter. It also kind of requires people to buy alcohol from the bars on the street.

(Previously reported)

And all this despite the fact that there are way more people at the Sturgis Rally 2021. Way more. Maybe the an all-time record.

Meet Sheriff Merwin, preferably under amiable circumstances:

Sheriff Ron Mewin



What they are saying at the beginning of the rally, 2021.

All-time Record

More first-timers

Covid Be Damned

Beer and Wine Allowed on Sturgis Street

But only if you use the official Sturgis Rally plastic cups...


Are rally goers worried about Covid?

Not just no, but HELL NO !

CNN interviews on Sturgis Main Street


Fauci Concerned about Sturgis

Interviewed Sunday morning on "Meet the Press"

Further reporting on this at Forbes

ABC reports on Sturgis

Note the guy with the deer antlers on his bike...

Only 37 percent vaccinated at Sturgis

Likely making this one of the most dangerous places in America

Meade county where Sturgis and the world's biggest motorcycle rally is underway has only a 37 percent vaccination rate. Making it one of the most likely locations in North America for an explosion of covid infections.

Newsweek reports

From South Dakota Public Radio


Monument Health Official Warns

Sturgis Rally Dangerous for Unvaccinated

According to Dr. Shankar Kurra, vice president of medical affairs at Monument Health in Rapid City.

Will Sturgis Be a Superspreader Event?

It does not take a genius to know the answer to this question

by KEVN Black Hills Fox


Sturgis Surges

With an unusually larger than usual number of younger bikers, according to Buffalo Chip registrations

by the Black Hills Pioneer Press

"Stars & Stripes" Impressed

Bigger than anything even the longtime vendors have seen

From Stars & Stripes, first in RCJ

Largest in History, says Mayor

Clydesdales arrive, so it must be big...

from Billings Gazette

Every Man for Himself. Women, too

Sturgis Mayor says "take your own precautions"

South Dakota Public Radio audio


Free Antigen Covid-19 Testing at Sturgis Rally

My prediction...this will prove as popular as day-old stale beer...

from KELO

MSNBC Unenthiastic Look at Sturgis Rally and Gov. Kristi Noem

Lots of scienctific details in this report, and look at what happened last year...

Stay Outside, say Health Experts

To lessen chances of the contagion...

From USA Today

Local News early interviews

Kind of boring, but what the hey...

Clydesdales Show Up

Tromping around and leaving plenty of their sign in the street, perhaps...


Photo Note - this photo is not at Sturgis, but appears to be some sort of hillbilly gathering. Like where I, an Enemy of the People, grew up.


Sturgiszone gif



Advertising girl



Testing down here, pay no attention:

Arg !!

"Weed" at future Sturgis?

Yes, if the people have their way

Self-proclaimed freedom loving governor has been fighting this tooth, nail and claw...

Here we go....