Sturgis Rally

Wounded Knee and beyond at the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

Leaving the Sturgis Rally through Wounded Knee will be sobering. It puts the Sturgis Rally, and other things, into perspective.

"Sturgis Rally bikers should see of the saddest chapters ..."
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Below is a photo of Big Foot's Minniconjou band at the Grass Dance. The photo was taken near the Cheyenne River in western South Dakota. Most of the people in the photo were killed four months later at Wounded Knee.

Wounded Knee Reflection at the Sturgis Rally

You'll continue winding your way south from the Sturgis Rally. It doesn't really matter which way you go at Chimney Butte.

You'll eventually end up not far from the town of Pine Ridge, which is kind of like the capitol of Pine Ridge of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

In the land of the Ghost Dance at the Sturgis Rally

This excursion at the Sturgis Rally will be different than any other you have had during the week.

One spot on the reservation way back off and far from anywhere is the site of the last major resistance of the Lakota against the U.S. Cavalry. Warriors practiced the Ghost Dance and believed they would be protected from bullets.

Maybe the ghosts still dance.

A Visit to Wounded Knee during the Sturgis Rally

Near Pine Ridge is Wounded Knee, site of the famous massacre in which Custer's Seventh Cavalry exacted revenge for the Little Big Horn on some Lakota men, and quite a few women and children.

It's kind of like a sacred site for the Lakota.

Lots has been written about the reservations' history and culture. People from Europe even come to satisfy their curiosity or longing, especially the Germans.

A Different Culture at the Sturgis Rally

As your bike rolls along the back roads of this subculture within the United States you will be with a people who are trying save a culture. In the past several decades there has been an upsurge in interest to go back to old ways, or at least to incorporate them into life.

Previously, especially in some missions and government activities, the main attempt was to stamp those ways out.

In the tranquility spreading out across the old lands, there is an energy. Perhaps it has always been there. Or, maybe it is growing.

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Sturgis Rally

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