Sturgis Rally

The Badlands are on the edge of, and in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation at the Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally

Stark scenery at the Sturgis Rally await bikers in the Badlands. It's another world for Sturgis Rally goers.

"At the Sturgis Rally you could disappear forever in the Badlands, even if you don't want to..."
The Editor

Scenery like this can be found by Sturgis Rally bikers. It's west of the Black Hills. Any visit to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation will take you through it.

Sturgis Rally Pink Dinosaur

As you leave the Sturgis Rally the road gets to the Cheyenne River you'll see a ranch on the left, and shortly a pink dinosaur. Or, at least it used to be a pink dinosaur. Maybe it has changed color by now.

Pinky has always been a local landmark. And it proved one thing - many people who live in no-man's land have a sense of humor.

The Edge of Nowhere at the Sturgis Rally

At the town of Scenic you've reached the edge of something. Just exactly what, you can decide as you gaze out across the Badlands by the jail on the main street.

At this juncture you'll be heading south towards Pine Ridge. The Badlands in this area aren't visited much. They're secluded and they're beautiful, especially as the sun angles along the rims and cliffs near sunrise and sunset. The visions change continuously.

On the Moon at the Sturgis Rally

Parts of the White River going through the reservation are strikingly remote and beautiful. It will be unlike other things you've seen at the Sturgis Rally.

Moon-like cliffs jut into the sky as the literally white clay-laden river pours down through valleys.

Not the Place to Run out of Gas at the Sturgis Rally

Make sure to have plenty of gas as you make your way through this and other parts of western South Dakota. There won't be that many cars coming by to hitchhike a ride from.

If possible, send a night in this area, or in Badlands National Park. It's a Western experience. Coyotes howl. Stars glitter. And the Badlands walls shimmer under the moonlight. A fitting end to the Sturgis Rally.

A Somber and Reflective End to the Sturgis Rally 2002


Sturgis Rally

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