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Aug. 9, 2002

Record Sturgis Rally attendance? It's possible

STURGIS - (copyright 2002 Sturgis 2002 may be up there with the biggest ever - 2000 when 650,000 bikers barreled into the Black Hills.

Of course, it's all a big guess. But there are definitely more bikers here this year. Crazy Horse reports records numbers, even after expanding their parking lot.

Probably one of the most accurate ways to estimate it is from the road counts done by the Highway Patrol. If they're an indication, it may be a record. Story developing...

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on Sturgis Main

A courageous PETA spokewoman sauntered along the Sturgis Drag advocating artificial leather, rather than the real thing. It's a cruelty type thing. There was a sign - "Ride without the Hide."

There were jeerers. Others probably approved but kept their mouth shut.

My opinion? I believe in the Bill of Rights and freedom of expression and opinions. And the more opinions, the better.

Erotic Bikes

One of the local television stations claims to have interviewed a doctor who says riding motorcycles drives the riders wild with sexual passion.

He didn't say which kind seems to work the best.

50-foot Greeting Card for Troops

A 50-foot greeting card with 50,000 signatures is in the works at Sturgis 2002. It's for overseas troops, compliments of Sturgis 2002 bikers.

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Aug 9, 2002
Sturgis Pics - Sturgis 2002 pics for Aug. 8

Sturgis Rally

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