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Aug. 8, 2002

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Inside the Legendary Buffalo Chip - the Sturgis Rally hardcores

STURGIS - (copyright 2002 As you look around the Buffalo Chip Campground - the "legendary Buffalo Chip" - the overwhelming impression of hardcore mania. This is where the hardcores comes.

The campground has a reputation for great concerts. And also one of "anything goes." Despite that reputation, I've never seen anyone have any trouble there. And there is certainly no problem for anyone going to the concerts that go into the wee hours every night.

As you look at the folks hanging around, however, you don't tend to see the yuppie motorcycle crowd. The ones that want to play biker. A lot of the folks are the Buffalo Chip are the real thing - the lifestyle and all.

Police: Sturgis Rally Gangs Have the Money

Apparently if you want to find the best equipped outfit at the Sturgis Rally, you'll have to look at the gangs. At least that is what the Sturgis Police say. That the gamgs are rich, powerful, violent, and far better equipped than the police themselves.

In fact, the police say one of the ways the gangs make money is by suing law enforcement departments for rights violations

Apparently the Bandidos have 2500 members. And they're supposed to second in power to the Hells Angels, which has reportedly 2200 members. The Hell's preferred instrument is supposed to be the ball-peen hammer. Just the thought of which, makes my skin crawl.

And apparently Sturgis is supposed to be a neutral place as far as gangs are concerned. The rumor is that the Bandidos now have a chapter in South Dakota, and want to make the Sturgis Rally under their gang control.

And that's all I care to know.

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Aug 8, 2002
Sturgis Photos - Sturgis 2002 photos for Aug. 8

Sturgis Rally

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