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Aug. 7, 2002

Buffalo Bash Croaks

STURGIS - (Copyright 2002 Deader than a jackrabbit run over by 500 bikes, I'm afraid. That's the verdict on the first annual Buffalo Bash in Rapid City during Sturgis 2002.

A shame, perhaps, because it offered free food, with beer sales going towards Optimists projects. But it was pretty bleak when I was there during the afternoon watching them take down barriers that was supposed to protect the hordes that did not show. There were a lot more people at the Civic Center. And of course, Sturgis is always packed.

There are always thoughts in Rapid City of luring most of the rally away from Sturgis. It's a purely greedy concept. And in the end it won't work, unless Sturgis big shots blow it with a case of self-inflicted avarice, which could easily happen through a combination of greed and stupidity on their part. A distinct possibility.

On Foot, Keeping the Precious Body Fluids Up

It may sound crazy, but I'm getting in shape at Sturgis 2002. And I don't mean just beer drinking shape. The fact is, with so many bikes at Sturgis, and the roads being clogged, it's a lot faster to walk most places.

So, I'm hoofing it. It's hard, I know. And I'm forced to stop frequently for refreshing beverages. But hey, you've got to keep a high leve of precious bodily fluids. (stolen from Dr. Strangelove)

Sturgis 2002 Bikers Die on the Road

Unfortunately, when you get this many people on the road, people die. And it's happening again this year.

Four died yesterday. A female rider got too close to a truck and trailer her husband was driving, and he ran over her. Three died near Cheyenne Crossing in the Black Hills. Another man died Monday when his bike slid into a trike.

Bike safe. And enjoy life while you're here walking this planet.

Coming up later this week - the promised gang data, and sliding along the slippery edge of good taste at the Buffalo Chip

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Aug 7, 2002
Sturgis Pics - Sturgis 2002 pics for Aug. 7

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