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Aug. 3, 2002

Move the Sturgis Rally Back One Week?

STURGIS - (Copyright 2002 Sturgis Top 10) The powers that be in the Black Hills tourism are pondering setting back the Sturgis Rally by a week.

Whether that will occur is improbable.
Of course, they wouldn't even be thinking about it if it weren't for one thing - money.

Cash is the driving force behind the decisions that get made in the business environment that is now the Sturgis Rally.

One economist stated that by moving the rally back by one week, it would instantly add $30 million to the Black Hills economy. It would do that, they say, by not driving regular tourists out of the Black Hills during the rally.

Apparently Junior and the kids don't care to be going to tourist attractions or even being anywhere within 500 miles of the Black Hills when there are hundreds of thousands of bikers roaring about.

In the end, the change probably won't happen. But then, one can never underestimate the ability of people to kill the proverbial goose.

Black Hills set to go up like a Torch

There are no forest fires in the Black Hills presently. But there could be. It's really dry. Any spark would set off an inferno.

There have already been two major fires in the Black Hills. One started when a guy was moving some boulders. A spark flew off, hit some grass, and it was off to the races for the next week as the forest fire took out part of the forest in the Piedmont area.

Bikers continue pouring into Sturgis Rally

Update - more bikers are pouring in. The muffled roar gets a little more noticeable in the evening as the rumble of Harleys drifts up from the streets.

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Aug 3, 2002
Sturgis Pics - Sturgis 2002 pics for Aug. 3

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