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Sept. 7, 2002

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Except for the Sturgis Rally, Right Now is Best in the Black Hills

Nothing compares with riding during the Sturgis Rally, of course. You can wind through the twisting roads of the Black Hills. And if you choose, you can be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of bikers. In fact, even if you don't choose, sometimes you're surrounded by hundreds of thousands of bikers at the Sturgis Rally.

But outside of that event, our pick for the neatest time to bike the Black Hills is right now - all of September and early October.

Autumn is in the air just about as soon as the Sturgis Rally ends. By September, it's here in full swing. The days are growing noticeably shorter at this northerly latitude. The leaves are turning even as we speak. Ground cover vines are red and some of the other plants are yellow.

The peak of the autumn season will arrive the first week in October. That's traditionally the best for color. This year may be a bit sooner than that. The dry weather stresses trees and so the enter dormancy earlier.

Our favorite ride after the Sturgis Rally

Top places to bike will include Spearfish Canyon. It's more than 20 miles of big limestone canyon walls where aspen and birch turn brilliant yellow. Go up Little Spearfish Creek a ways and stop at Roughlock Falls.

And the stretch of road from Sturgis to Nemo is quite good, too. Our Sturgis Rally undercover snoops actually like this time of year best. And with good reason - the blasts of the northern Rocky Mountain winter is just around the corner.

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Sept 7, 2002
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