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Sept. 28, 2002

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The Gut Bomb - our informal survey of the grub at Sturgis

There was a time, apparently before my time, when legend has it that no one ate anything at Sturgis except chili.

hey ate it for dinner, and lunch. And of course, eggs are much better when buried under chili, and chilis. It's the perfect beer food.

And this wasn't ordinary chili. It was chili with no beans. Because to add beans to the fiery mixture might wimpify it. And it might reduce the percentage of the one ingredient that remains the item of overhelming consumption at the Sturgis Rally - red meat.

The exotic table of Sturgis foods

In recent years the grills have become very popular at Sturgis. It's kind of a gourmet grill food - grilled or an almost stir-fried array of beef with vegetables such as onions and green peppers.

The quickly cooked meats and vegetables go on buns. And it's a favorite. The streets are lined with big vendors selling this for about $8.

The Mexican connection

Every place in Rapid City is jammed during the rally. Every steak house and Chinese restaurant and pizza joint. But the Mexican connection remains a dominant cultural phenomina on the food front.

It could be a leftover from the old chili days. Or, may it's due to the big contingent of bikers from Texas and the Southwest.

The food in general can be quite good. The competition for a lot of money is keen. And the good cooks rise to the top.

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Oct. 1, 2002
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