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Sept. 14, 2002

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Hulett Ham’n Jam at the Sturgis Rally

Amongst the slew of Sturgis sideshows, the Hulett Ham'n Jam has become one of the most popular. At the tiny town of Hulett, Wy., thousands upon thousands of bikers descend onto the village in an invasion of Sturgis culture that the locals gladly tolerate, for awhile.

The Sturgis Rally has all kinds of little events taking place all over the Black Hills. It's a way for the bikers at Sturgis to escape some of the frenzy that is Sturgis - at least in downtown Sturgis and some of the campgrounds.

Visit a little bit of Vegetarian Hell at Sturgis

Sometimes a little peace and quiet it the ticket. And that's especially the case after being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of bellowing hogs.

The wild guess - maybe 30,000 bikers were at the Hulett Ham'n Jam. Which means that this little sideshow of the Sturgis Rally is bigger than most of the complete biker rallies in the United States.

These are real hogs at the Sturgis Rally

At Hulett just across the Wyoming border, they aren't kidding about the hogs. They critters have given their life in the cause of a gorge-out.

Thousands of of sandwiches, more than 1,000 lbs. of "the other white meat, are devoured by meat-eating bikers who jam the streets of Hulett for the free food. But mostly they come here for the same reason everyone else comes to Sturgis - The Spectacle.

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Sept 14, 2002
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