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Jan. 31 , 2003

Sturgis and the pursuit of money, and more money

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Sturgis Rally Fighting - and the Great American Past-time

They are fighting in Sturgis, again. And it's about the usual - money. It's more of a sporting event than a matter of importance for most onlookers such as myself. Afterall, watching the rich and power root around in the ditch it a long-standing American past-time.

Dividing the Spoils at the Sturgis Rally

The city of Sturgis and the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce want to make "Sturgis" and "Black Hills" a trademark so that whenever those words are used on a product, the city gets a kickback, or I believe the legal way it is described is as a licensing fee. It's supposed to apply only to the Sturgis Rally. I'm no taking a position on it.

Except of course as an observer watching the fighting and backstabbing for the money. The city reportedly could take in hundreds of thousands of dollars if they can get part of the take for using those words on products during the rally.

Sturgis Bikers ultimately get stuck with the Higher Costs

Anyway, at one point this winter some of the businesses in Sturgis were putting up protest signs in the windows to attack the move toward trademarking "Sturgis" and "Black Hills". Ultimately I supposed the cost of stuff with those words on them would go up slightly as the cost is transferred to the buyer.

And ultimately, I supposed the number of retailers or manufacturers trying to break the law and not pay the licensing fee would go up as they tried to cheat and make more money. But then, that is also part of the Sturgis Rally culture.

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Jan. 31, 2002
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