Sturgis Rally 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 Schedule of Events

Sturgis Rally 2002

Friday, Aug. 2, at Sturgis Rally 2002

"Enough to keep even a manic depressive occupied..."
The Editor

Continuous events, and our picks at the Sturgis Rally 2002. Some of what we expect to be the best are in italics and bold.

Sturgis Rally 2002

Friday, August 2, 2002

9 am to 9 PM - Museum Rally Hours, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame

3 PM and 7 PM - Full Contact Comedy, Loud American Roadhouse (3rd & Main)

8 PM - Road Crew Concert, Hog Heaven Campground

8 PM - Baby Snakes Concert, Camel Roadhouse

9 PM - Zwarte’ Concert, Loud American Roadhouse (3rd & Main)

9 PM - Toadstool Jamboree Concert, Buffalo Chip Campground - This band is local, and on the way up.

9 PM - Jalan Crossland Concert, Side Hack Saloon

Midnight - Miss Buffalo Chip Contest, Buffalo Chip Campground

The Sturgis Rally 2002 events begin Friday, Aug. 2 and continue on through the following week. Typically the peak crowds hit at mid-week. Many stay for the entire rally.

Our undercover snoops will be prowling around to give you some of the best recommendations for where to go and what to do. As always, we we seek out the most bizarre and unusual, the most interesting, and the best deals.

There is actually a lot of good stuff at the Sturgis Rally 2002. And one of the best ways to experience is without a plan. Just head out, venturing into the unknown. Experience what comes along. It will invariably be different from what you expect. It's like biking itself.

Sturgis Rally 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - FRIDAY, Aug. 2, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - SATURDAY Aug 3, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - SUNDAY, Aug. 4, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - MONDAY, Aug. 5, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - TUESDAY, Aug. 6, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - WEDNESDAY, Aug. 7, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - THURSDAY, Aug. 8, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - FRIDAY, Aug. 9, 2002

Sturgis Rally 2002 - SATURDAY, Aug. 10, 2002



Sturgis Rally

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Sturgis Rally 2002
Friday, Aug. 2, 2002