Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Biking one of the highest roads at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally bikers cruise through Custer State Park. Sylvan Lake is on this part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ride.

"One of the most idyllic settings at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Sylvan Lake
in the Black Hills."

The Editor

This kayaker is in Sylvan Lake, which is along this Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ride. The lake is the highest in the Black Hills.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Ride to Little Devils Tower

On this shorter Sturgis Rally ride you'll go by a trailhead leading Little Devils Tower. It's a smaller version of the famous one in the Wyoming Black Hills.

You can hike the trail to top if you have a couple hours. You'll get some nice views on top of this rock mountain. It makes a pleasant diversion to stretch the legs.

Sylvan Lake on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Ride

Just up the road is Sylvan Lake. There is a parking lot there and it's an easy place to take a break. A small gift shop stands by the lake.

There is also a nice rustic hall building that makes a great place for a wedding reception. You may or may not want to keep this bit of information confidential from the person you're with. Or, the little paddle boats down on Sylvan Lake are available to those regressing into childhood.

Highest lake in the Black Hills at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sylvan Lake is the highest lake in the Black Hills. And it's quite scenic with the rock formations in and at the edge of the water.

If you walk over by the small dam, you can follow the Sunday Gulch Trail down the stream and into the watershed below. It's short but steep, and very beautiful. The scent of riparian vegetation wafts up out of the earth down there.

You'll head up and back on Hwy 87 to go north back toward, but not to, Hill City. The road switch-backs down the mountain with hairpin turns along the way. It's great - a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally highlight.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Ride to Horsethief Lake

In a couple miles the Palmer Gulch turnoff branches off to the right. It's a pretty ride that mostly only locals know about. But it is gravel. If you want to stay on the pavement, go up a couple more miles to Hwy 16A heading towards Mt Rushmore and Keystone.

You'll go by Horsethief Lake. It's on the edge of the Black Elk Wilderness which has a system of hiking trails. The road on this part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Best Short Ride goes up to Mt Rushmore National Memorial. There is more on Mt Rushmore at our main Mt Rushmore sections at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Best Short Ride near Keystone

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