Sturgis Bike Rally

A jaunt over the Big Horns gets you to some really big mountains at the Sturgis Bike Rally

Sturgis Bike Rally

Some Sturgis Bike Rally bikers go to the Big Horns. They're the first mountains range west of the Black Hills at the Sturgis Bike Rally.

"There is nothing quite like the crack of thunder at 10,000 feet at the Sturgis Bike Rally..."
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The Big Horns lie just to the west, so many people at Sturgis Bike Rally go there. The Big Horns are high and spectacular. And there is snow up high - above treeline..

Sturgis Bike Rally - On to the Big Horns

As a side excursion during the Sturgis Bike Rally you may want to consider a ride to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. It's a fairly straight shot from Devils Tower, through God-forsaken Gillette, and on to Buffalo, Wy.

Whereas the Black Hills are enchanted mountains, the Big Horns are more powerful and colossal. They have glaciers and snow and all the good stuff the big mountains have. Cloud Peak Wilderness lies at its heart.

Crossing the Wyoming Badlands at the Sturgis Bike Rally

The stretch of Wyoming from before Gillette clear on over to the Big Horns is part of the Wyoming Badlands. It is fascinating for some bikers at the Sturgis Bike Rally.

This part of Wyoming is windswept and serene. It's full of sage brush and jackrabbits. And it's barren of water and people. Badlands to some, heaven to others.

In any event, in this side trip from the main Sturgis Bike Rally you'll feel like you're part of a Western move. And you'll wonder how people crossed it on foot and on horse. It's an unforgiving place for those who make mistakes.

Harley Test at the Sturgis Bike Rally

On this little excursion from the Sturgis Bike Rally, once you get to Buffalo, Wy., the environment changes fast. It's a climb going up over the pass to the west.

You can test the Harley at more than 10,000 feet elevation after going up mile after mile. It's colder for sure. And there is a good chance you'll be able to pick up some snow, depending on how much fell last winter.

It's worth a visit, or to ride through while coming or going from the Sturgis Bike Rally.

You may also want to check out the Black Hills trout fishing in this area at Sturgis Bike Rally Fishing.

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