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sturgis-rally-2003 The Most Outstanding Portfolio of Sturgis Biker Pics Ever Shot
Editor's Top Pick - this is an incredible display

 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Shipping

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Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally News and undercover reports.

Sturgis 2002
The Retrospective.

Sturgis 2003
Why Sturgis 2003 will be gigantic.




Our top 5 Thoughts
on the Sturgis Rally

  • 1. Gas, and Bill Janklow debacle - The two big unknowns. People say high gas prices won't hurt the crowds. I don't believe it. And there is somewhat of a boycott going on over the Bill Janklow affair. Janklow is a former governor who resigned from the U.S. House after running a stop sign, resulting in the death of a biker. Some thing his court sentence was too lenient.

  • 2. Lots more Christian activity. Big 10-foot wooden crosses being carried around Sturgis. More group marching. Friendly folks, though.

  • 3. More women. It seems like every year there are more women here. And more riding bikes. It's a far cry from the old days of a male dominated Sturgis Rally.

  • 4. More skin. Maybe it was just the hot weather, but I think I saw more flesh in Sturgis. And the police seemed more lenient towards baring one's various parts.

  • 5. The most popular bike - a tossup between the infamous rat bike. And also the buffalo bike robed out in an entire buffalo hide and head. Both are featured among our thousands of biker pictures taken this year by some of the finest photojournalists in the world - the Sturgis 2004 Biker Pics and Cultural Etiquette Discourse. With, of course, lots and lots of very beautiful and very strange Sturgis people.


Ancient Sturgis History

The Sturgis 2002 events schedule is are at: Sturgis Rally 2002

Sturgis 2002
The Sturgis 2002 Retrospective


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