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Our very strange staff which has been officially chastised for being totally unconventional will once again be shooting photos at the Sturgis Rally.

Sturgis 2011
August 8-14, 2011

You will be able to find more of it at SturgisZone as the event gets into full swing. In the meantime, please we beg of you to partake of some of the noncomformist behavior which we so desperately wish to capture for posterity and also just because we are indeed, strange.

The 2011 event isn't expected to be the biggest. But it will be like always, full of very bizarre people trying to make a statement. About what exactly, we will leave to your vivid imagination and mental hemispheres. A good schedule of events can be found here.

The Edge


By the time you read this there will already be people booking their places of escape from the mayhem, and also passing work days idling away their time with thoughts of various waterholes that will be visited, and time that will be frittered away in the vast nothingness of cerebral bikerdom.







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