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After a few years of downward trend in the rally, and in fact more of one than some
people wanted to admit who have a vested interest in continually putting more
positive spin on it than an out-of-work politician, it is our prediction that numbers
actually will be up in 2010. It's the 70th anniversary, which in itself will be a lure
provided there is nothing untoward going on, such as stratsopheric gasoline
prices, which is always a distinct possiblity given our depletion of the natural
resources of the planet. And, there is some pent up desire to get back
Sturgis on the part of quite a few old veterans.

So, this should be a good year to come and experience the hordes, while
there are still goodly number of bikers, who are gradually getting older and
probably not being replaced adequately by young offspring. That plus the
high prices of machines has resulted in a drop in a number of things, including
rally numbers and also the stock prices of Harley Davidson. But enough of that,
This should be big. Maybe the biggest until the 75th in five years. Never one to
put off the avilable good time in hand, one must partake of the moment.

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