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Monday, May 30
, 2005

mustang motorcycle seats

A biker who is apparently a member of teh Mustang Motorcycle Club, and is also quite fond of biker patches. The biker parade that runs continulously
through the heart of Sturgis throughout the rally is quite a spectacle. This particular scene is quite tame. Others are not. You will see just about
every form of human being and motorcycle that exists on the planet at some point during the rally, if you stay on the main drag long enough.
It runs the course from quite mundane, to a real zoo atmosphere. It all blends into a vast panorama of biker life that exists here during early August.

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This Tribal Dragon Tattoo style shows up on the arm. And the ever popular Biker Chicks and biker babes and various
other beautiful women. Going against the current in a cool way on Chopper bicycles. (Copyright 2005 -