Passing Time

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Thursday, June 23
, 2005

One can kill some time by riding about slowly throughout Sturgis and gawking at the sights. But, sometimes you need to get off the bike
because the odd life forms are so amusing that you can easily start staring and then plow into something. Or, just ride on the back
and let someone else do most of the riding, or steering. Since this is such a hangout place, people get quite good at happily letting
time slip past, and enjoying life as it come along down the road or flying past as one rides through the day.

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sturgis 2004 The Most Outstanding Portfolio of Sturgis Biker Pics Ever Shot

The infamous Evil Staring Eye frightens all in its path. And the ever popular Biker Chicks and biker babes and various
other beautiful women. I am not sure if these are Hawaiian Arm tattoos here or somethng else.(Copyright 2005 -