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Thursday, Aug 4
, 2005

sturgis city ride

This is what looks like at all times during the week. In fact, sometimes it's more crowded than this, with the street jammed with bikes and
bikers parading through Sturgis in a ritual of rather phenominal strangeness that is favored by all true students of the human edge.
Bring a bike or your walking shoes, but best leave the car somewhere else. This is the land of the motorcycle for a week and that's
the only thing allowed on thet main streets. Everything else is towed off and disposed of in a way which ends up being expensive
for the uninitiated.

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sturgis 2004 The Most Outstanding Portfolio of Sturgis Biker Pics Ever Shot

The famous biker cool look strived for b all movie stars. (Copyright 2005 -
Here are the chopper bikes and pictures and that guy in basketball shoes.